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Choosing Technology Stack

As the web is growing, you can find a lot of libraries to solve your problem. But choosing the right library is always difficult. We have listed out few most used libraries in our website development projects. This consideration is based on the evaluations that we recently done as of 2016. We would revise the list once in a while or preferably when we encounter some change for good. So keep visiting us.



We consider using preprocessors is a matter of preference. Yet, we see benifits of using preprocessors are more concrete, when working with large team, and organizing code for a large project. Both SASS and LESS are good choices for this, we consider SASS for StaticFrame because it’s easy.

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CSS frameworks provide a lot of boost to your project development timeline. Specially when you have a generic grid design with standard set of UI components. Some of these use jquery, and some plain javascript to create UI components. We recommend to choose Boostrap or Foundation, because they are effectively more matured than any other framework available right now. Though there are some differences in these frameworks, but you can never go wrong choosing either one.

Responsive Grid

If your design are based on block design patterns, choosing a right grid system solves responsiveness problem easily and consistently. Sometimes you avoid a whole bunch of components that each famous frameworks provide and choose the grid system to have clean css. Though there are multiple libraries you can find online, we choosed Bootstrap grid because of it’s flexibility and large community. We also consider Foundation grid equally flexible, easy to use. We strongly recomend downloading a SASS version of these grid system, and customize them according to the need of your designs. For StaticFrame we only used the boostrap grid instead of the full-fledged framework.

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Base Framework

jQuery, AngularJS.

UI Components

Responsive UI Elements– Bootstrap and jQuery UI. By default we only include jQuery and for bootstrap we just use the base grid.To further explore the UI elements and other features visit :

Carousels / Sliders

For choosing carousels, we prefer the following libraries compared to tons of libraries present in the web now. bxSlider, owlCarousel, flexSlider – For smooth and responsive sliders and carousels.Visit sites to know more about these libraries:

Form Validation

jQuery Validator Visit site

Feature Detection

Frontend Templating

Handlebars – Even though we have used EJS, StaticFrame gives you the free hand to use other templating libraries like Handlebars / Moustache. Visit extensive usage and application.

Unit Testing

Parallax Effect

Sorting & arrangement

Social Sharing




Grunt / Gulp

Web framework

For a solid foundation to build robust web applications, we suggest ExpressJS. It’s most common, flexible, easy to setup and well tested piece of software.

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Mocking Rest API

Typically every projects needs some kind of data from the server, and JSON has been the defacto standard for data transfer. But at front-end level, playing with simple json data sometimes we may not be able to cover all test cases. So we prefer to have a fake JSON mocking application. Though we find CRUD javascript or php libraries, but as we are in an ecosystem of node, we recommend JSON Server. Which is easy, flexible and supports all rest api methods.

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JSON Server

E2E Testing

If you are using Angular the most obvious choice is Protactor, because it verywell supports Angular specific strategies. For projects using plain jQuery we recommend more simpler library, ie: NightwatchJS

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