Hey there!

Hello and welcome to my website. My nickname when I started this website in engineering days was "Newton" so few people still call me as newton till today. I started taking photos in 2007 with a sony point and shoot camera and loved it. As of today I have managed to have a decent DSLR which changed a lot of phototaking ability. Earlier I loved to take macro, but these days I love taking more of portraits. I am slowly understanding the emotional bonding between human beings and their surrounding. Photography lets me explore this more deep.

I Prefer to shoot on weekend in Bengaluru and sorrounding areas.


Though I get fun out of clicking photos, but to indicate that nothing is free and there is a value to the effort and time, I charge a nominal amount depending upon the photoshoot.

Pre wedding / Maternity Quick and Short

  • 3-4 hours
  • One location
  • Minimum of 20 edited photographs *
  • All photos in jpeg format.
  • Base price: 6000 INR

Pre wedding With love

  • 7-8 hours
  • One or multiple location - same city
  • Minimum of 40 edited photographs *
  • All photos in jpeg format.**
  • Base price: 10000 INR

Pre wedding Love stories

  • multiple days
  • Multiple locations
  • Minimum of 40 image *
  • All photos in raw/jpeg format. **
  • Min price: 15000 INR

Portfolio Love Yourself

  • Single Day
  • Single / Multiple locations
  • Minimum of 20 image*
  • All photos in raw/jpeg format. **
  • Min price: 10000 INR


  • * : Images are edited for print quality.
  • ** : JPEG formart images, basic color/saturation correction with relatively small size

Contact Details


(+91) 783 862 1983