Preparing for pre-wedding photoshoot

These articles section include some of tips tricks people getting photographed, my reviews and shooting / editing techniques from my experience.

Pre-wedding photos are for life time. Its the time that you and your partner create a story of your own to be told for ever. Focus on how to portray your relationship more than everything else.

Talk - talk - talk to the photographer

Make sure to meet your photographer at least once before the day of shoot. Talk to him/her about your ideas, location, dresses, what props to use, plan to reach the venue.

Time for photoshoot

Technically photoshoot can be done in anytime of the day and night. But, its tougher at odd times like noon, very dark environments. Its always

Choosing a location

Choosing dresses

Depending upon location, duration and your body languages you need to be cautious about choosing the right out fits. If you have booked a venue, there is a high probability that there would be a changing room. So, you can carry more than one set of dresses, but mind that changing dresses may eat up too much time.

Managing your time

Its seems simple to get photographed, but in reality it take a lot of time to get the best out of you. Choosing the right pose, background, dress and mood takes a lot of time. Make sure you and your partner reach the venue on right time. Most of the time in case of morning shoots, people get delayed - this happens to most of us. But takes away some good shots and number of shots that you can get. As you get delayed, you may loose the right lighting conditions if your shoot is planned for early morning/afternoon.

Plan some of your poses to save time

You and your fiance can search for internet and find out some ideas. Not all ideas feat all, so try out some of them that you like most. Choose with the comfortable ones. If possible prepare or buy similar props. You can share those ideas and details with your photographers so that both party can be prepared. Save some photos in your mobiles/ipdad for quick reference.

Final check list

  1. Sleep well day before the shoot.
  2. Do reach the photoshoot location in time.
  3. Choose dresses that give contrast to the location background.
  4. Avoid getting many friends/relatives to the photoshoot.
  5. Keep some quick bite snacks / water